The economical world is composed of a wide range of companies: private, public, family, extended and the list goes on. Whether the company be large scale or of miniature scale, many documents come in and go out of the company’s discretion. Some such documents include that which are intended for foreign authority, in which case, notarising is necessary. Such documents may include contracts, resolutions and powers of attorney application forms or Company House documents. My role as a notary would be to ensure the document is reliable for foreign authority, notaries or any third party in order for successful transaction to take place.
There are points of focus that I, as a notary, must thoroughly scrutinise for successful notarisation:
-The name and personal details of the individual who signs on behalf of the company.
– The way in which the person in detail is connected to the company.
-That the signatory is of sound mind while signing the documents and fully comprehends the content and effect of the document.
-The current standing and important details of the company.
-That the document has been executed properly by the company through the following of English Law.
In addition to legislations relating to powers of attorney, legal provisions that deal with entities (such as limited liability partnerships and companies registered abroad) and other general rules as outlined in companies acts 2006, few UK companies can have their own internal rules which can force methods of execution of documents to become more restrictive. It is possible for example, that a company will have a rule that a number of directors will need to sign for corporate powers or attorneys.
This will require me to effectively inspect the individuals signing the document until I am satisfied that correct protocol has been used. After confirming necessary information, I will prepare the notarial certificate. This certificate will be issued with my signature and seal bound securely to the document (see details on ‘legalising’).
In all above situations, I will provide meticulous guidance regarding the whole of legislation procedure.
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