In the modern world, most people qualify with intention to work abroad. There are very important preparations and practical actions that need to take place through this process of transition. There is a need for certification and legalisation of documents for successful application of visa in addition to a need for notarising educational qualifications such as degree or master’s certificate.
Firstly, my job will be to verify the authenticity of such documents which will involve contacting the institution’s record’s department for confirmation of issuing of document. I will need you to sign a consent letter to allow me to contact the institution’s on your behalf in accordance to the Data Protection Act. Once verified, I will provide my signature and seal to a notarial certificate which will confirm that the document is a true copy of original certificate. In some cases however, a notarised certificate will not be enough; some receiving institutes require a new certificate for their own records so it is best to enquire with the receiving party what is needed.
The next step will be the legalisation. Translation may also be necessary depending on where the document is going. In most cases, when translation is required, the receiving party would need a sworn translation that will have to be certified by myself as a notary.
If you are considering moving abroad and require academic qualifications/certificates notarised please do make contact by email (, phone on 020 3817 7502 or mobile 07957 364 414. I am also contactable via WhatsApp.