As globalisation continues its course, marrying across countries is becoming increasingly popular: many couples take great pleasure in planning their wedding in ideal luxury resorts outside of the UK and interracial marriages usually involve one member of the couple to travel to the others home country. Combined with all the excitement surrounding planning weddings in foreign countries, lies a very serious process which requires a notary. This is where I come in.
My job as a notary will be to prepare the correct documents that require submitting to location of the wedding (as each country establishes their own laws for celebration and registration of marriage). Typical requirements include proof of identity such as birth certificates and proof of dissolution of previous marriage if you have been married before. Most foreign countries will also demand a document proving you are free to marry such as a ‘certificate of non-impediment to marry’ (which is issued in the UK by your local register). Many countries also accept a sworn ‘affidavit of single status’ that both parties sign and this cannot be signed without the presence of a notary. A notary will also need to legalise the Certificate making Decree Absolute if previously married or a Death Certificate where applicable.
As foreign countries will not be English speaking, translations will often be required. These translations will need to be certified or notarised. The FCO will need to legalise your documents if you are a UK citizen marrying in a country party to the Hague convention of 1961. However, if you are getting married in a country that is not a member of the convention, the consulate or embassy in London will need to stamp the documents. This complex process will normally begin with me certifying the documents as a notary public and following with advising and handling the legislation procedures regarding this matter for you.
Please make contact by email (, phone on 020 3817 7502 or mobile 07957 364 414. I am also contactable via WhatsApp.